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Our History

Western Australia’s leading technology provider of digital print and document solutions. With over 35 years of experience in the printing, copying, and digital documentation industry, owner Sean Tilbrook and his dedicated team have steadily assisted businesses in various industries to achieve their aspirational goals.

DX Business Innovation is the newest provider of solutions for Digital Transformation (DX) to Businesses and corporate clients in WA and beyond.

The story of DX Business Innovation is one of expertise, experience, and trust. After working for Canon Australia in Perth from 1988 to 2000, Sean Tilbrook bought the Canon dealership in Bunbury “West Country Office Machines” located in the South West of WA.

Making every possible mistake in business, nevertheless West Country grew out of its regional roots and rebranded in 2010 to become PrintSync Business Solutions. By 2016 PrintSync had 50 staff located in offices in Albany, Bunbury, Mandurah, Perth, and Karratha.

This growth was built on the realization that employing experts and trusting them to manage their operations whilst providing the Vision and Drive to achieve company aims was key a driver of success. Employees were more engaged and had agency to execute their roles which in turn benefited and delighted clients who relied on PrintSync to provide exceptional business outcomes for them.

In 2016 Sean sold PrintSync to CSG, an ASX listed company with operations in Australia and New Zealand who was also a fellow Canon brand business equipment company. In WA CSG rolled its people and systems into the larger PrintSync operation and PrintSync / CSG continued to be a leading business partner under Sean’s guidance along with the senior management team from PrintSync.

As the Business Equipment Industry continued consolidating, Fuji Xerox, now Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia, bought CSG in a deal worth $180 million in February 2020. Recognizing the efficient nature of PrintSync, Chairman Ken Sugiyama appointed Sean General Manager of WA and the Senior Leadership team from PrintSync was incorporated into Fujifilm’s WA and National Operations.

Under Sales Leadership from Richard Summerscales through 2020 to 2023 the Fuji WA Direct business grew due to a clear focus on matching client requirements to Fujifilm’s vast repertoire of technology combined with a deep knowledge of the business landscape in WA.

Recognising that the market in WA needed local knowledge and a new dynamic capability to deliver solutions to Commercial clients in the Perth metropolitan area, Fujifilm sought expressions of interest for suitable entities to undertake supporting Fujifilm clients maintain their existing platforms and assist in developing further pathways for efficiency and growth in a challenging economic environment.

DX Business Solutions was awarded the license to take on this challenge and boasts the same senior management team that was successful at PrintSync, CSG and Fujifilm! Undertaking and achieving certification as Fujifilm authorised technical specialists DXBI operate everywhere in WA and have warehouse and office facilities in Canning Vale.

We look forward to servicing you.

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