ApeosPrint C4030

A4 Colour Printer
Catering to your everyday business needs
  • Colour / A4 40 ppm
  • Print resolution up to 1,200 x 2,400 dpi
  • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi*1 connectivity
  • Super EA-Eco toner for fine text and fine lines
  • Rich colour expression with LED printhead and IReCT*2
  • Automatic 2-sided printing
  • High reliability with robust design
  • Toner save function in increments of 1%
  • Super EA-Eco toner: Fusing achieved at a low temperature contributes to low power consumption

*1: Optional
*2: Image Registration Control Technology


Flexible. Secure. Reliable

Offices can easily use different FUJIFILM devices thanks to shared functions across the lineup.

Supporting Universal Print by Microsoft*1

By registering ApeosPrint C4030 to Universal Print by Microsoft in advance, users*2 authenticated with Azure AD can print from anywhere through cloud.

*1: Optional Storage (SSD) is required.
*2: Organizations with Microsoft Windows Enterprise or Microsoft 365 subscriptions

Print out from any printer within the office

With Server-less On-Demand Print*, you have the flexibility to print and collect the print outs from any of the connected printer.

  • Improves productivity by printing from another available device when the current device is in use
  • Up to 100 devices can be linked

* Optional

Safeguard important information

  • Prevents paper information leakage with Secure Print and Private Charge Print with IC card authentication*. With Image Log*, job logs and the image itself can be stored and managed, enabling prompt investigation upon information leakage.
  • Newly support WPA3 as latest wireless LAN security protocol and adopt TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0, as a security chip that conforms to the latest standards with enhanced encryption
  • Detects tampering of device software and self-repairing feature protects and repairs device software against tampering events
  • Provides more robust and secured office environment with enhanced security feature of both hardware and software

* Optional

Reliable support system

From consumables replacement to unexpected device failures, most problems can be resolved without waiting for the service or sales representatives.

  • Resolve problem using the “Help” function on the device
  • “Remote Assistance” with the help of operators

ApeosPrint C4030, catering to your everyday business printing needs

User-friendly colour touch panel

  • Home screen personalisation for ease of access to commonly used functions
  • When using Private Charge Print, you can easily select and delete the documents viewing the thumbnails* shown on the panel.

* Optional Storage (SSD) is required for thumbnail view.

Quick printing from your mobile device and USB flash drive

  • You can print photos and documents (DocuWorks/PDF) stored in your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Connect to Machine via Wireless Environment or Wi-Fi Direct Connection*
  • You can easily print from mobile devices using Print Utility, AirPrint, and Mopria® Print Service.
  • You can directly print the documents stored on a USB flash drive for efficient operations*

* Optional

Smart & scalable

ApeosPrint C4030 can be installed just the way you like. As a desktop device, under a counter, or a console central printer.

  1. 5-inch colour touch panel:
    Intuitive colour touch panel lets you find just what you want at a glance
  2. USB port*:
    Use your own USB flash drive to print directly
  3. Output tray:
    Capacity is 250 sheets
  4. Bypass Tray (150 sheets):
    Supports various paper types such as envelopes and postcards
  5. Standard Tray (550 sheets):
    For standard users. Supports various types & sizes of paper
  6. 550-Sheet Feeder* (550 sheets):
    Paper feeding capacity is 2,350 sheets at maximum. High scalability for high-volume printing needs
  7. Caster*:
    For easy installation and moving on the floor
  8. Cabinet*:
    Convenient for storing paper and consumables
  9. IC Card Reader*:
    You can use Private Charge Print with your IC card

* Optional

From printing on envelopes and thick paper to producing promotional materials

  • Automatic adjustment of pressure to print envelopes
  • A smooth paper feed path so that thick paper can run stably
  • Supports long paper up to 215.9 x 520 mm*

* Long Papers are fed from Bypass Tray.


ApeosPrint C4030

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ApeosPrint C4030 printer

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